Registration register information grant simply Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As part of a simple registration register information, you will receive information from the competent body

  • Surname
  • First
  • Doctorate and
  • current addresses

to the person you are looking for. If the person has died, you will be informed.

Whether the competent authority provides you with information about the data of the requested person is at their discretion. The simple registration record information shall not be provided if a block of information is entered in the register or if there is reason for the competent authority to believe that this poses a risk to the interests of the person concerned or of another person worthy of protection. can grow up.

  • informal written request, unless the information is requested in person


  • The person you are looking for must be able to be uniquely identified based on your information. This means that you must already have data on the person concerned. These are usually the first and last known address, the first and last known address.
  • If you use the data for commercial purposes, you must provide it.
  • You must state at the time of the request that you do not use the data for advertising or address trading purposes or that the data subject has given its consent to do so.
  • Insofar as you make the request to the competent authority for advertising or address trading purposes and if the competent authority does not have consent, you must declare to the competent authority that you have given your consent.
  • The competent authority may require you to provide the consent of the data subject.
  • There must be no information block in the register.


The information is refused if the requested person has a blocking of information or a conditional blocking notice.

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