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In Lower Saxony, you can evaluate archives in the respective relevant archive for scientific purposes, for local history issues, for researching your own family or for clarifying legal questions. You can find out which archive material is meaningful for your question by means of appropriate means of finding the respective archive either on the Internet or on site. The use of the archives is possible for any person who has a legitimate interest in accessing archives.

  • If necessary, id card


Archives are increasingly offering the ability to access your holdings online. Many of the archives represented in the Archive Information System lower Saxony (Arcinsys) make their electronically recorded distortion data available in Arcinsys. In addition, you have the option to order the archive material found online for use via Arcinsys for use after registration. Please note that the requested documents can only be viewed in the archive that preserves them.

  • Archivinformationssystem Niedersachsen (Arcinsys)

Terms of use and cost of the respective archive

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