Approving scientific research projects in schools

Would you like to carry out a scientific study, a survey or a series of tests at schools? Then you need a permit for this.

If you want to carry out a survey or survey in schools (surveys, test series, etc.), you must first apply for approval.

Approval by the school authority (Regional State Office for School and Education) and the consent of the persons concerned (teachers, pupils or their legal guardians) are required.

- concrete name of the project and its detailed presentation

- information on the staff involved in the project (name, address and qualifications of the persons responsible for the management and organisation of the project of the body carrying out the survey and other staff) and of the other persons who become aware of the survey documents that have not yet been processed

- Identification of the individual schools to be involved in the survey, indication of the grade levels possibly certain subject classes and the expected number of classes and pupils

- Information on the manner and the expected duration of the use of pupils, teachers or guardians

- Timetable of the survey

- in the case of applicants from the higher education or other educational sector, an opinion from the professor or project management responsible for the subject, in the case of applicants from study seminars of the seminar management

- in the case of applications from institutions or persons who have their registered office or place of residence outside Lower Saxony, as well as applicants from the higher education or other education sector who live in Lower Saxony but work or are trained at educational institutions outside Lower Saxony, a special justification for carrying out the survey in Lower Saxony

- Samples of all documents envisaged for use in the survey (questionnaires, questionnaires, tests, samples of an information letter for the participants in the survey, etc.) as well as information on the time of anonymisation and the final destruction of the data to be collected

The application must be made in writing.

For this purpose, you will find a leaflet for the application to the Regional State Offices for School and Education (RLSB).

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Authorisation may be granted if it is reasonably certain from the documents submitted that:

1. the objective of the survey cannot be achieved by using existing data or research results;

2. the implementation of the measure does not cause any disturbance or burden on school operations,

3. participation is voluntary or compulsory in accordance with ยง 30 (3) of the Lower Saxony School Act and

4. either personal data is not processed or the data protection regulations are complied with.

The legal basis is the Circular (RdErl.) "Surveys and surveys in schools" of 1 December 2021 (SVBI. p. 647) of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture.

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An application must be submitted in writing in good time, at least three weeks before the start of the intended survey or survey.

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