Apply for recognition of a further training title for the profession of veterinarian

Do you want to work abroad in a special field in Lower Saxony after completing your studies in veterinary medicine and use an acquired further education title? You can apply for assessment and recognition at the State Chamber of Veterinarians.

In addition to their professional title, veterinarians may use other titles that indicate special knowledge in a particular professional field (specialist veterinarian title) or additional knowledge acquired in another area (additional title). A continuing education title may only be used by those who have received recognition from the State Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons on application.

  • Proof of nationality
  • Your certificate of approbation or your permission according to § 2 paragraph 2 Federal Veterinary Regulations
  • the training certificates you have acquired
  • the certificate of relevant professional experience acquired by you, if any,
  • Proof of the contents of the continuing training in the form of the submission of the relevant continuing education regulations or in another appropriate manner, if this shows the contents of the training and the duration of the further training to obtain the proof of continuing education
  • where applicable, other qualifications necessary to establish equivalence


The application must be made in writing.

All documents must be submitted in German.
Translations must have been carried out by a translator or interpreter approved by a German court

The recognition of continuing education that deviates from the regulations of the Continuing Education Regulations must be applied for at the Chamber. The applicant must prove the equivalence of the deviating continuing training to the continuing training course regulated in the annex to the continuing education regulations for the area or area applied for.

In addition, the provisions of the Chamber Act are binding for the health professions.

Continuing training outside the Member States of the European Union or States Parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area may be credited in whole or in part if it complies with the principles of the Continuing Education Regulations and if further training of at least 24 months has been completed in a desired area or area in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The same applies to training in a Member State of the European Union or in another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area if it has been completed by a veterinarian who is not a national of a Member State or of another Contracting State.

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You apply for recognition for the use of the continuing education title in writing (informally):

  • Create the application and add the necessary evidence.
  • Submit the application documents to the State Chamber of Veterinarians. It is possible to send the application by e-mail.
  • The State Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons will then check whether you meet all the requirements.
  • The State Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons will send you a notification authorising you to use the continuing education title.

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