Apply for a permit to operate a totalizer

If you want to place horse bets via a totalizer, you need a permit.

They are a racing club and

  1. want to operate a totalizer on the racetrack on the occasion of public performance tests for horses or
  2. operate a betting shop for horse racing outside a racecourse,

then you need a totalizer permit according to the Racing Betting and Lottery Act.

In the totalizer bet, the participants bet among themselves and not against a bookmaker. The totalizer is a procedure with which the respective winning odds are continuously determined in the run-up to the horse race from all placed bets until the start of the race and the proper distribution of profits is processed after the end of the race. Bets can be placed at the totalizer on the racetrack, but also in betting points outside the racecourse.

A small share from the betting business goes directly to the racing club, which has to use this income exclusively for the best of the state horse breeding and for the organization of the horse races.

  • Informal application
  • Statutes of the racing club,
  • Estimate with a cost calculation for racing operation
  • Annual Report of the previous year
  • a declaration on the application of the social concept (§ 6 GlühStVtr)


Racing Club

Only racing clubs can obtain a permit.

  • Compliance with the objectives of the State Treaty on Gambling

The organisation or mediation of gambling (horse betting) does not run counter to the defined objectives of the State Treaty on Gambling.

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  1. You apply for the totalisator permit at the Lower Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection
  2. Your application will be examined by the authority.
  3. If you meet all the requirements, you will receive permission after completing the procedure.

Permission may be granted with a time limit or a reservation of revocation or may be accompanied by a condition or reservation of a subsequent inclusion, modification or addition of a condition.

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