Professional driver qualification State recognition of training institutions

Anyone who wants to work as a driver or long-distance driver in commercial road haulage and passenger transport in Germany must in principle be basically qualified and regularly undergo further training every five years.

Training centres for the qualification are:

the establishments that must be recognised by the competent authority under National law may be, for example:

  • Driving schools with a driving school licence of classes CE or DE
  • Training companies that offer vocational training as a professional driver, a specialist in driving or a comparable state-recognised training occupation
  • Educational institutions that offer retraining to become a professional driver or specialist in driving operations (state-approved training centres)
  • Other training centres

The previously legally recognized training institutions (driving schools, training companies) must contact the authorities responsible for recognition by 02.12.2022 of the authorities of the districts, district-free cities, large independent cities or independent municipalities in whose territory the training and further education are to take place.

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