Give up your position as a district chimney sweep

Would you like to give up your position as an authorised district chimney sweep? To do this, you must request that your order be cancelled.

If you wish to give up your position as an authorised district chimney sweep, you must have the relevant administrative act, i.e. your appointment, cancelled by the competent authority.

You can voluntarily initiate the cancellation of your order as an authorized district chimney sweep. Under certain conditions, the repeal may also be initiated by force. The order ends at the age of 67. A request for annulment is not required in this case.

If you want to give up the entire activity as a chimney sweep, you can then request the deletion from the craft roll and, if necessary, Deregister your business.

  • if the competent authority asks you to do so: official medical opinion on your state of health
  • You do not have to provide proof of the application for voluntary abandonment of the sweeping district.

    There is no predetermined list of documents for the forced cancellation of an order. The evidence used by the competent authority in the proceedings is up to it to decide.

  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance required: no


The competent authority may cancel your appointment as an authorised district chimney sweep,

  • if you expressly request this, or
  • if facts prove that you do not have the necessary personal or professional good conduct to perform your duties, or
  • if facts prove that you are permanently unable to practice your profession due to a physical infirmity or weakness of your physical or mental strength.


  • Information on chimney sweeping on the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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To request the cancellation of your appointment as an authorized district chimney sweep, proceed as follows:

  • Contact the competent authority.
  • Submit an appropriate application and attach the necessary documents.
  • Once you have submitted the application and all documents are available in full, the competent authority will check whether you meet all the requirements.
  • If you meet all the requirements, the competent authority issues a decision that releases you from the post of authorized district chimney sweep.

The competent authority shall immediately notify the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control of the cancellation of the order, which shall maintain the chimney sweep register.

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