Residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment Issued for the purpose of employment in the public interest

Under certain conditions, you can apply for a residence permit if there is a public, in particular a regional, economic or labour market interest in your employment. However, a formal qualification is not required.

You can apply for a residence permit for gainful employment if there is a public, in particular a regional, economic or labour market interest in your employment.

The residence permit for employment on the basis of public interests is a special right of residence that is granted only in justified individual cases. A public interest in employment can be justified, for example,

  • if there is a regional or supra-regional public interest in an employer's products or services or if there is an undersupply of certain goods or services at the employer's location (regional interests). Supply or local political reasons can also play a role here.
  • where significant investments and/or a significant number of jobs are created or secured; if the establishment of a company is associated with a sustainable improvement in the sales or market opportunities of domestic companies or if it involves the establishment of a manufacturing plant for technically high-quality (future-proof) and/or particularly environmentally friendly products (economic interests).
  • if employment preserves or creates jobs (labour market policy interests).

The private, operational interest of an employer alone is not sufficient to establish a public interest in employment.

You do not have to prove any qualifications. Recognition of their qualification acquired abroad is also not required.

Before issuing the residence permit, the Federal Employment Agency must give its consent. This Federal Employment Agency also checks whether there is an interest in labour market policy. Approval shall be given for a maximum of four years.

If the residence permit is issued, it is limited in time. The validity depends on your employment contract or the period of validity of the consent of the Federal Employment Agency.

Under certain circumstances, the Foreigners' Registration Office may oblige you to participate in an integration course. This will then be noted on your residence permit.

If you are an employer and would like to hire an employee from abroad on the basis of public interests, you can apply to the Foreigners' Registration Office for the accelerated skilled worker procedure on behalf of the foreigner, which can facilitate and accelerate entry.

  • Valid passport
  • Original of your employment contract or a binding job offer (please use the nationwide uniform form Declaration of Employment Relationship )
  • Current biometric photo
  • Current registration certificate
  • Proof of your health insurance
  • Lease
  • In addition
  • in the case of recent entry:
  • Visa if required for entry

as well as in the case of a previous stay:

  • Current residence permit or other certificate of the right of residence (e.B. residence permit, toleration)
  • Further documents are required for the implementation of the accelerated specialist procedure. Please contact the competent immigration authority for this purpose.
  • Forms: Declaration of employment ( uniform nationwide); further authority-specific forms can be obtained from your immigration office, if necessary these are also offered online
  • Online procedure occasionally possible
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance necessary: yes


  • You have a recognized and valid passport or passport substitute and - if necessary for entry - a suitable visa.
  • There is no interest in expulsion against you.
  • Your stay does not endanger or adversely affect the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • There is a public, in particular a regional, economic or labour market interest in your employment.
  • You have an employment contract or a binding job offer.
  • The Federal Employment Agency has agreed to take up work (consent is usually obtained from the Foreigners' Registration Office). ==References====External links== Your working conditions (in particular salary) are comparable to those of a German employee in the same position

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The residence permit must be applied for at the immigration authority responsible for your place of residence. The procedure is as follows:

  • Depending on the foreigners' registration office and concerns, it may be possible to apply via the Internet. Find out whether your immigration office offers the electronic application for a residence permit.
  • If the application is only possible in person, make an appointment with the Foreigners' Registration Office. During the appointment, your application will be accepted and your proofs will be checked (bring them with you to the appointment). Your fingerprints will be taken for the production of an electronic residence permit (eAT card).
  • In the event of an electronic application, the Foreigners' Registration Office will contact you upon receipt of your online application in order to make an appointment at the Foreigners' Registration Office if necessary. During the appointment, your proofs will be checked (bring them to the appointment) and your fingerprints will be taken for the production of the electronic residence permit (eAT card).
  • If your application is granted, the Foreigners' Registration Office will arrange for the eAT card to be produced.
  • After about six to eight weeks, you can pick up the eAT card at the Foreigners' Registration Office.
  • The eAT card must always be collected in person.
  • Fees apply for issuing the residence permit. The timing and form of payment vary depending on the authority.

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