Applying for a residence permit for the purpose of self-employment

You can obtain a residence permit if you intend to take up self-employment.

To take up self-employment, you can apply for a temporary residence permit.

A residence permit is a residence permit. The residence permit can only be issued for a specific purpose, including taking up self-employment.

  • Valid National Pass
  • proof of health insurance;
  • Lease
  • Curriculum vitae and proof of qualifications about previous activities and training (degree certificates, certificates or certificates)
  • Financing Plan / Business Plan
  • 1 current biometric photo
  • Please ask the immigration authority responsible for you whether you need to submit further documents.
  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: no
  • Personal appearance necessary: yes


The residence permit can only be issued to you if

  • there is an economic interest or regional need for the activity, and
  • the activity can be expected to have a positive impact on the economy in Germany and
  • the financing of the implementation is secured by equity or by a loan commitment.

If you have already reached the age of 45, an adequate pension plan is also required.

Furthermore, the general conditions for granting a residence permit must be met.

These are in particular:

  • a secure livelihood,
  • a clarified identity,
  • Possession of a valid national passport.

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You can only apply for a residence permit in person at the immigration authority responsible for your place of residence.

  • You submit the required documents in the original and pay the application fee.
  • The Foreigners' Registration Office checks whether the conditions for grant are met.
  • If necessary, the participation of other authorities takes place.
  • If all requirements are met, the Foreigners' Registration Office will take your biometric data (photo, fingerprints) and order the electronic residence permit (eAT) from Bundesdruckerei GmbH.
  • As soon as the eAT is completed, it will be handed over to you by the Foreigners' Registration Office.

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