Conversion of the foreign higher education degree of ethnic German repatriates into the corresponding domestic degree

You are a ethnic German repatriate and would like to have your university degree converted into the corresponding domestic degree? Find out more here.

As a ethnic German repatriate, you are entitled to the assessment of your foreign university degree and to the conversion of the foreign university degree, provided that equivalence with the corresponding domestic degree is determined.

  • Proof of recognition as a ethnic German repatriate
  • Proof of your degree (school and university or vocational qualification)

The following documents are also required:

  • Declaration of the use of the name or certificate of the name change
  • a handwritten declaration as to whether an application has already been submitted in Lower Saxony or another country of the Federal Republic of Germany at an earlier date
  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • a current registration certificate of residence in Lower Saxony
  • Subjects and transcripts of grades (annex to the diploma)
  • Translation to foreign educational certificates

The documents relating to the school leaving certificate and the university degree must be submitted in the form of certified copies.

An informal application is sufficient.


  • You are a spätaussiedler or Spätaussiedlerin
  • You obtained your university degree in a resettlement area before entering the Federal Republic of Germany


Further information on the management of foreign academic degrees can be found in the "Information Sheet on the Management of Foreign Academic Degrees, Titles and Designations":

  • Foreign academic degrees, titles and designations

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In order to have your degree obtained abroad checked, you must submit an application. You should address this to the responsible body. Which position is responsible for you depends on your place of residence in Lower Saxony.

The competent body assesses your university degree obtained abroad. If equivalence to a domestic university degree is established, the foreign higher education degree is converted into the corresponding domestic higher education degree.

The evaluation procedure ends with either a positive or a negative decision.

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Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture (for the assessment of the university degree in relation to the degree leadership)

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