Head louse infestation at school or daycare notification

Report head lice infestation in children immediately.

If you notice head louse infestation in your child, the community facility that your child regularly visits (for example, daycare centers, schools or similar institutions) must be informed immediately.

The management of the community institution must immediately notify the health authority and provide information about illness and personal information.

Head lice infestation is the most common parasitic disease in Europe. Anyone can lice. This is not due to a lack of hygiene. Especially in places where many children come together, head lice quickly transmit.

Children with head lice may not enter rooms of the community facility, use facilities of the community facility and participate in events of the community facility until a further spread of the loss by them is no longer to be feared.

A medical certificate is required only if lice repeatedly appeared in a person within four weeks. This corresponds to the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute.

  • Declaration of the parents about properly carried out treatment.
  • In the case of a single infestation, a confirmation of proper treatment is sufficient for re-admission.

- Form: Notification form in case of head louse infestation
- Form: Declaration of the parents about a properly carried out treatment.

Declaration of the parents about properly carried out treatment .


You notice head louse infestation in your child.



§§ 33 and 34 Infection Protection Act (IfSG)

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  • § 34 paragraphs 1 and 5 of the Infection Protection Act (IfSG)
  • As a parent, inform the management of the community institution immediately in writing or orally about a head louse infestation of your child. If possible, also inform the parents of the children with whom your child has a lot of contact.
  • Treat your child with the medically prescribed means at the specified intervals.
  • If there are no lice or reproducible nits on your child's head, he is allowed to visit the daycare center again as usual.

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