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If you wish to hold events where animals are sold, exchanged or traded, you must apply for a permit from your competent veterinary authority before starting work. This type of events with animals includes, for example, animal fairs, animal exhibitions or animal markets. The granting of the permit shall be taken within a period of four months from the date of receipt of the application by the competent authority. Depending on the scope and difficulty of checking the existence of the conditions for granting the permit, this period may be extended by up to two months. Therefore, plan enough time for the granting of permission before starting your activity. Only after receiving the permit may you start your activity.

Please check with the competent veterinary authority for application forms for a permit and what other documents must be submitted Informal application for permission with the following content: Species, estimated number and sex of the animals to be kept or description of the intended activity and animal husbandry Information on the person responsible for the activity Certificates of expertise of the responsible persons who have contact with the animals Certificate of good conduct Sketch(s) of the husbandry equipment(s)

Informal application for permission If necessary, your competent veterinary authority will provide further documents for the submission of applications. Therefore, please contact your competent veterinary authority From 2023 at the latest, the permit can also be applied for online

They must ensure the requirements of animal welfare law, in particular § 2 of the Animal Protection Act. Application contains all the necessary information All necessary documents are available If you are the person responsible for the activity, you must on the basis of your training or your previous professional or other handling of animals, have the professional knowledge and skills required for the activity. Proof of this must be given on request in a technical discussion with the competent authority have the required reliability. Their rooms and facilities, which serve the activity, must enable a nutrition, care and accommodation of the animals in compliance with the legal requirements.
After you have submitted the necessary documents to your competent veterinary authority, the documents will be checked for correctness and completeness. Subsequently, if necessary, an on-site inspection by the official veterinary service will take place at your site and, if necessary, an expert discussion. You will then receive permission.

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