Get access to the adoption file.

If you would like to receive information about your origin, you must contact the adoption agency that mediated the adoption. The specialists will let you view the files and will be available to assist you and answer any questions you may have. Access to the file is not possible insofar as the predominant personal interests of the persons involved conflict. In individual cases, the adoption agency may endeavour to find an appropriate individual solution for the biological parents and siblings from the family of origin. There is no right of access to files for members of the family of origin. An expression from the birth entry of the civil status register kept by the registry office can the (adoptive) parents, the (adoptive) grandparents, the adopted person (if he or she is older than 16 years), and if necessary, the person who legally represents the adopted child (unless these are the (adoptive) parents, apply for. The printout can be requested on site, in writing, by fax or as far as the municipality concerned offers it online A long file retention period for files on adoptions was not introduced until the beginning of 2002. If the adoption was adopted a long time ago, there may therefore no longer be any placement files. For adoptions carried out before 1977, no adoption agency was involved. At that time, the adoption took place through a notarial contract, which was confirmed by the district court. A request to the court involved may continue. The birth register / civil status register is kept at the registry office responsible for the place of birth of a person.

Since personal data becomes known on the occasion of an inspection of the file and also through an extract from the civil status register, proof of one's own identity will usually be required by presenting a valid identity card (identity card, passport or similar).


If you would like to view the mediation files: They are have been adopted and at least 16 years old, or Parents and have adopted your child and are custodial of your child If you would like to receive the information or documents from the registry office: Documents from the civil status register at the registry office can apply for: the parents who adopted their child, their parents, the legal representation of the child and the at least 16-year-old child himself. After the death of the child, information from the civil status register can also be obtained: other persons to which the register entry refers (i.e. the biological parents) and their spouses, life partners, ancestors and descendants. Other persons have a right of inspection if they make a legal interest credible.
The adoption agency, which carried out your placement, gives you and your custodial parents, as far as this is possible in individual cases, access to the files on the mediation of your adoption. The specialists inform you about your origin and life situation, provided that they have information about it and that there are no interests of other people. Before visiting the adoption agency, a telephone inquiry and appointment is recommended.

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