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The contribution that each and every legally insured person has to pay for long-term care insurance is regulated by law.

The contribution rate to the statutory long-term care insurance is 3.05% from the contributionable income of the insured person up to the contribution assessment limit. Childless persons pay a contribution supplement of 0.25 percentage points, which is levied from the month after the insured person's 23rd birthday. The contribution assessment limit is 41,400 euros.

For special groups of people such as.B agricultural entrepreneurs, there are different legal regulations.

For further information, please contact your health or long-term care insurance fund.

As a rule, the contributions must be paid to the health insurance company, which must then forward them immediately to the care fund. Please clarify with your health insurance company which documents are necessary.


In principle, each and every insured person is liable to pay contributions. Family members are free of contributions for the duration of family insurance. Further exemptions can be found at the health insurance company.

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  • §§ 54 to 60 Of the Eleventh Book of the German Social Code (SGB XI)

The payment of contributions is regulated with the conclusion of the health and long-term care insurance.

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