Deregister companies for tax

In the event of provisional or permanent suspension or transfer of a commercial activity, self-employed (self-employed) activity or agricultural and forestry activities requires immediate information from the tax office. The same applies to Termination of participation in a partnership, Dissolution of a corporation or Dissolution of an association or association (e..B. construction working groups). In the event of the dissolution of a corporation, association or property, a period of one month after the occurrence of the notifiable event shall apply. This period must also be observed in the event of the transfer of the management or the registered office. If you deregister or re-register your trade, agricultural and forestry activities or a permanent establishment with the municipality, the municipality will pass this information on to the tax office and you will not have to do anything else. In all other cases, you must inform the tax office yourself. In this case, inform the tax office informally when you have hired or moved which activity. Please submit the contracts or decisions related to the registration or re-registration.

Contracts or decisions related to the deregistration or re-registration

Forms: none Online procedure possible: yes via Mein ELSTER (other message to the tax office) Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

You should, if possible, make the tax deregistration or transfer of your company or your independent activity in writing with a simple letter. A form should not be used.