Arms manufacture and/or trade - View the opening or closure of a branch or branch Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you open or close the operation of a branch or independent branch for commercial weapons manufacturing and/or arms trafficking, you must indicate this.

The notification of the opening or closure of a branch or an independent branch for the commercial manufacture of weapons and/or the arms trade must be made in writing to the competent authority.

In the event of non-notification, there is an administrative offence in accordance with Section 53 (1) section 8 of the Arms Act.

  • Weapons manufacturing permit or arms trade permit


The arms production permit or arms trade permit was issued.

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  • Section 21 paragraph 6 of the Arms Act (WaffG)

The notification shall be made by the holder of the arms production or trade permit at the arms authority responsible for the place of the branch or independent branch.

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