Display and evidence of combustion plants registration Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As the operator of a combustion plant (medium-sized combustion plant, gas turbine and internal combustion engine plant) with a combustion heat output of at least 1 MW and less than 50 MW, you are obliged to notify the intended operation in writing or electronically to the competent authority before commissioning. The operation of an existing combustion plant must be notified in writing or electronically to the competent authority by 1 December 2023. The display must contain the information referred to in Appendix 1 to the 44th BImSchV. The competent authority shall record the installation in its register of installations. You will be informed of the registration by the competent authority.

Display with the data that is relevant to the system: combustion heat output of the combustion plant (in megawatts); type of combustion plant (diesel engine system, gas turbine, two-fuel engine system, other engine system, other combustion plant); the type of fuels used and their share of the total energy input; date of commissioning of the combustion plant; the NACE code to which the further activity is to be assigned, estimated number of annual operating hours of the combustion plant and average operating load; where use is made of a system for installations with a few hours of operation: a declaration signed by the operator according to which the combustion plant will not be in operation more than the number of hours referred to in those paragraphs; where use is made of emergency management: a declaration signed by the operator stating that the combustion plant will only be in operation in an emergency; the name and place of business of the operator and the location of the installation with address; Geocoordinates of the chimney and elevation over terrain.

The notification must be submitted in writing by post or electronically to the competent authority.

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