Midwifery assistance Granted

Women insured in statutory health insurance are entitled to midwifery assistance during pregnancy, during and after childbirth, in addition to the right to medical care. Midwifery assistance includes maternity and childbirth services provided by a state-certified and recognised midwife or maternity nurse. The provision of services is regulated by the Midwifery Assistance Contract Midwifery assistance includes: maternity and maternity benefits, Obstetrics benefits during the week bed up to 12 weeks after birth and other benefits, such as counselling of the mother in case of breastfeeding difficulties or regression gymnastics in the case of instruction in the group. Midwifery assistance can be claimed during pregnancy and up to 12 weeks after childbirth (exception: advice to the mother in case of breastfeeding difficulties or nutritional problems of the infant). Midwifery assistance is provided to the insured in kind, i.e. the midwives pay directly to the health insurance funds. Only services covered by the midwifery compensation register can be settled. Insured children are also entitled to midwifery assistance if they cannot be cared for by the insured person, e.B. in the event of adoption, death or absence of the mother due to illness. Note: If you have private health insurance, you should check the cost assumption with your insurance before using the benefit. Contact point Your health insurance


existing insurance relationship

For further information, please contact your statutory or private health insurance company and the German Midwifery Association.
Contact the midwife of your choice directly. If you are a member of a statutory health insurance company, you must present your health insurance card. The midwife will pay with your health insurance. If you are a member of a private health insurance company, you should clarify the assumption of costs with it beforehand.