Apply for permission to start waste management activities

If you want to collect or transport hazardous waste or trade in hazardous waste, you must apply for a permit from the competent authority for this activity.

If you want to start a waste management activity with hazardous waste, e.B. as a collector, carrier, dealer and broker of hazardous waste, apply for a permit for this activity from the competent authority. If you are exempt from the permit requirement, the notification of your activity is sufficient. If you have already obtained a permit for your activity and significant circumstances have changed, you must apply for permission again. The permit requirement applies to both national and transboundary shipments of waste.

  • Your waste law company number(s) as a collector, carrier, broker or dealer of waste (if already issued to you)
  • the task number of your initial ad (only if you want to create a change notice)
  • Your business registration (if there is an obligation to register a business)
  • an extract from the register of trade, associations or cooperatives (if an application has been made)
  • Proof of business and environmental liability insurance (if such insurance exists)
  • Proof of the expertise of the persons responsible for the performance and supervision of the company
  • Proof of motor vehicle liability insurance (if you want to apply for a permit for the activities of collecting or transporting and the transport takes place on public roads)
  • Written form required: Yes
  • Personal appearance necessary: No


The competent authority shall grant permission where:

  • no facts are known which raise concerns about the reliability of the holder or the persons responsible for the management and supervision of the establishment, and
  • the holder, insofar as he is responsible for the management of the establishment, the persons responsible for the management and supervision of the establishment and the other staff have the necessary expertise and expertise for their activities.
  • Permission in accordance with Section 54 KrWG - Nds. Trade Inspectorate

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If you want to start this activity for the first time as a collector, carrier, dealer and broker of hazardous waste or if essential circumstances of your activity have changed, apply for a permit from the competent authority. To do this, please enter your data by e-mail or using the online form and submit the necessary documents. In the case of the online form, you must sign the application electronically in a qualified manner. For this purpose.B the signature card used in the electronic waste detection procedure and the card reader used there can be used. For the signature a signature software of the company Governikus, Signer WebEdition is necessary. The software must be installed locally on your computer system in advance. The download with instructions is available on the GOES website. The authority will send you an acknowledgement of receipt. After examining the application and your documents, the Authority may:

  • request documents or
  • grant permission with or without ancillary provisions, or
  • refuse permission.

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