Fine dust badge/ environmental badge Information

For areas with poor air quality, there are air pollution control plans. Air pollution control plans contain measures to improve air quality. Environmental zones are a possible measure of such air pollution control plans. Environmental zones reduce particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide pollution. Vehicles with high pollutant emissions are not allowed to drive in environmental zones. If you want to drive your vehicle in such an environmental zone, you must purchase a fine dust badge/environmental badge. The badge is available in three different colours, each assigned to a group of pollutants. The classification of your vehicle into one of the pollutant groups depends on the emission key numbers. These can be found in the vehicle documents. Note: A separate road sign indicates the environmental zones. The additional sign indicates the colours of the badges with which vehicles have free movement in the specific environmental zone.

Vehicle registration certificate (for older vehicles) or registration certificate Part I (for newer vehicles)

To receive an environmental badge, your vehicle must meet the criteria of pollutant groups 2, 3 or 4. You cannot receive a badge for vehicles of pollutant group 1. These are Gasoline without regulated catalytic converter and older diesel vehicles with Euro 1 emission standard or worse.

If you plan to drive to an environmental zone, make an early effort to buy a fine dust badge/environmental badge. If there are delays and you do not have a fine dust badge/environmental badge, you are not allowed to go to the environmental zone.
Section 40 (1) federal Immission Protection Act (BImSchG) (traffic restrictions) Section 47 Federal Immission Protection Act (BImSchG) (Air Pollution Control Plans, Plans for Measures to Be Taken at short notice, State Ordinances) Ordinance on the labelling of motor vehicles with a small contribution to pollution (35 BlmSchV)

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Some city and county offices provide online services. You can use them to order an environmental badge. You pay by direct debit, bank transfer or credit card. The badge will be sent to you by post. The exact rules can be found on the Internet offers.