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Vehicles of a commercial enterprise or a self-employed person may be granted a parking permit by the competent authority. This may, for example, entitle to free parking in restricted parking bans, in resident parking zones or in parking management zones (parking spaces with parking meters or parking ticket machines). As a rule, the exemption applies only to certain individual activities of the business or the freelancer. Note the exact content of the exemption. In particular, other persons must not be endangered or hindered when using the exemption.

The documents to be submitted vary from one authority to another. For example, you must present a copy of the business registration and a copy of the vehicle registration.

Forms: Application forms are available from the competent authority. Online procedure possible: partially Written form required: no p personal appearance necessary: no

The competent authority shall examine the application for a parking card. There is no claim of the applicant.
Section 46 Road Traffic Order http://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/stvo_2013/__46.html

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You must apply for an exemption. How the application can be made varies from one authority to another. The authority then examines your application and then, if necessary, grants the exemption.

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