Remedies for Health Insurance Financing

As a legally insured person, you are entitled to medically necessary remedies. These are services of physiotherapy, podiatry, voice, speech and speech therapy, occupational therapy and nutritional therapy. The services are provided by a doctor's prescription of approved service providers. Approval by your health insurance company is not required.

A medical prescription is required.

The supply of medicinal products at the expense of the statutory health insurance funds requires a medical prescription. Remedies can only be prescribed at the expense of health insurance funds if they are necessary to: curing a disease, preventing it from worsening or alleviating disease problems, eliminate a weakening of health, which is likely to lead to a disease in the foreseeable future; counteract a risk to a child's health development, or to avoid or reduce the need for care. Medicinal services may only be provided by approved health care providers such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists or speech therapists or nutrition therapists.
Check with your health insurance company.