Apply for an operating permit for a pharmacy

If you want to open or take over a new pharmacy, you must submit a written application for an operating permit.

In the documents to be submitted, you prove your qualification as a permit holder, prove that you have suitable operating premises and affirm under oath that you comply with certain legal requirements.

It is advisable to contact the competent authority for you before submitting your application in order to clarify the scope of the necessary documents for your application.

Required documents result from the Pharmacy Act.

You can clarify more information about the type and scope of the documents with the competent authority for you.


Permission must be granted on request if you meet all the requirements of § 2 of the Pharmacy Act.

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  • You submit your written application to the competent authority.
  • The Authority shall request further documents if necessary.
  • The type approval is issued when the competent authority determines that the legal requirements are met.
  • In the case of a new opening, an appointment for an acceptance tour of the operational pharmacy will be arranged before the start of operation.

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