Shipments of waste in Germany and Europe Consent for waste according to the "yellow" waste list and all other waste destined for disposal Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a company, do you want to transport waste across state borders? You will then be subject to the rules of the EC Regulation on the shipment of waste.

All waste which is to be disposed of or otherwise recycled and transported across national borders must in principle be notified. The notification procedure allows competent authorities to monitor cross-border shipments of waste. In particular, the export of hazardous waste to countries with low environmental and safety standards is to be prevented.

Notification must therefore be made of:

  • all waste that is disposed of (exception: waste for laboratory analysis, max. 25 kg),
  • all waste listed in Annex IV for recovery (so-called "Yellow List" waste),
  • all waste listed in Annex V, Part 1, List A, for recovery (hazardous waste in accordance with Annex VIII to the Basel Convention),
  • all waste not listed as a single entry in Annexes III, IIIA, IIIB, IV or IVA for recovery or waste mixtures for recovery.

Exceptions to the notification requirement can be contacted by the competent authority.

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  • Online procedure possible: no
  • Written form required: yes
  • Personal appearance necessary: no


Who needs to notify?

As a notifier, you are considered a natural or legal person in the country of dispatch if you have waste transported or transported yourself. As a rule, this is the first producer of waste, in the order of the further mention also the new producer, an approved collector, a registered trader, a registered broker or the owner of the waste.

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The notification shall be made through the competent authority at the place of dispatch. The notifier shall submit to the dispatch authority all the documents necessary for the notification, including the necessary copies, for all the authorities involved. The dispatch authority shall then verify that the notification has been carried out correctly, send the documents to the destination authority and to all the transit authorities concerned within three working days, if the assessment is positive, and inform the notifier. However, the dispatch authority may refuse to forward the documents if it requests documents within the three working days or raises an objection to the notification.

Furthermore, three working days after receipt of the notification documents, all the authorities involved have the opportunity to request additional information and documents if necessary. No later than three working days after receipt of the documents, including those previously requested, the competent authority shall send a so-called acknowledgement of receipt at the place of destination. Even if the notification is carried out correctly, the dispatch authority may request further documents necessary for the assessment for approval. It then informs all concerned about this request. However, it is obliged to forward the notification. In this case, the destination authority may not send an acknowledgement of receipt until it receives a notification from the dispatch authority that these requested documents have also been received. No later than 30 days after the submission of the acknowledgement of receipt, all the authorities involved shall give their decision on the planned notification, either without conditions, consent with conditions or objections.

Once all consents to the notification have been received, the notifier shall enter the actual date of shipment in the accompanying form and fill it out as far as possible. The notifier shall then send copies of the completed and signed accompanying form to the competent authorities concerned and to the recipient of the waste at least three working days before the planned shipment. The accompanying form in the original and the notification form in copy as well as copies of the consent notices must be carried during transport. The disposal facility shall confirm on the accompanying form that the waste has been accepted no later than three days after its receipt and shall transmit it to the notifier and the competent authorities concerned. No later than 30 days after the disposal has been completed and no later than one year after receipt of the waste, the disposal facility shall confirm such disposal to the notifier and the competent authorities concerned by sending them a signed copy of the accompanying form. If the waste is subjected to the disposal procedure specified in the notification immediately after acceptance (e.B. within three days) in the disposal facility, the acceptance and disposal may be transmitted at the same time. In this case, the last step as described above is omitted.

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