Domestic nursing

Insured persons are entitled to home nursing care, which basically includes treatment care, basic care and home care. The benefit is prescribed by the doctor and must be approved by your health insurance company. Provided there is no other person living in the household who can take care of it. The benefits that are covered depend on the individual clinical picture: If the success of the medical treatment is ensured with home nursing, the costs of the treatment care are covered as long as this is medically necessary (safety care). In its statutes, the health insurance company may also provide for the assumption of basic care and home care. If home nursing can replace, avoid or shorten a hospital stay, the costs of treatment care and, if necessary, basic care and home care (hospital avoidance care). Those who need support because of serious illness or acute aggravation of a disease, especially after a hospital stay, an outpatient operation or an outpatient hospital treatment, receive the so-called support care (basic care and home care). In the case of hospital avoidance and support care, costs are usually covered for up to four weeks, depending on the case of illness. An extension for medical reasons is possible. Both services also include outpatient palliative care.

You need a medical prescription.

A medical prescription is required.

The care is provided in your household, in your family or in any other place, especially in assisted living, schools and kindergartens, with particularly high care needs also in workshops for disabled people. There may be no person in your household who can care for and care for the patient to the extent necessary The benefit has been prescribed by your doctor and approved by your health insurance company.
Check with your health insurance company.