Care allowance for long-term care insurance

The care allowance is a financial benefit of the long-term care insurance. This is paid when the care itself is provided _ for example, if it is provided by relatives. The care allowance is not paid directly to the carer, but to the person in need of care or to the person in need of care. He or she can pass the money on to carers as financial recognition. The amount of the care allowance depends on the degree of care of a person and is only granted from nursing level 2. Care level 2: 316 Euro, Care level 3: 545 Euro, Care level 4: 728 Euro Care level 5: 901 Euro As a person in need of care, you can, in principle, freely dispose of the use of the care allowance and regularly pass on the care allowance to the persons caring for and caring for them as recognition. In order to ensure optimal care tailored to individual needs, it is possible to combine the receipt of care allowance with the use of outpatient care services (assistance provided by care services). Those who receive care allowance must receive regular advice at home _ depending on the level of care every 3 to 6 months _ by an approved nursing service or other recognised counselling centre. The aim is to ensure the quality of home care.

Check with your nursing home which documents are required and whether there is a special application form.

The care allowance must be applied for at the care fund G ilt for patients with care levels 2 to 5, if care is provided in an appropriate way privately
You apply to your care fund for care allowance. There you will also find information about the required documents and the procedure.