Death abroad Intheprocess of deaths on seagoing vessels

You can apply to the competent German registry office for the subsequent registration of a death on a foreign seagoing vessel in a German death register.

A death that has occurred abroad can also be registered in a German death register, i.e. registered, at your request. The so-called post-registration also applies to deaths on foreign seagoing vessels.

Deaths on foreign seagoing vessels are deaths abroad, with the specific feature that the place of death is a foreign seagoing vessel.

With the post-assessment, an entry in a German death register is made in addition to the registration abroad, i.e. in addition to the entry in the death register of the country in which the death occurs.

You can apply for the re-registration with the competent German registry office.


  • T he death occurred on a foreign seagoing vessel
  • The death occurred during a sea voyage outside the seagoing vessel - but not on land or in a domestic port - and the deceased person was taken in by a foreign seagoing vessel
  • The deceased person had German nationality at the time of death
  • T he deceased person had the status of stateless person, a homeless alien or a foreign refugee within the meaning of the Convention on the Status of Persons habitually resident in the Country
  • Eligible to apply
    • the parents of a child deceased abroad, the deceased person's child and spouse sororities or civil partners
    • P sones who may assert a legal interest in the certificate against the registry office

For the information to be included in the death record, you must provide the necessary documents or other documents that you have.

In particular, the following documents are required:

  • Your identity card/passport as an applicant
  • foreign death certificate of the deceased person (if necessary with translation and certification by the competent foreign authority (apostille) or legalization by the German diplomatic mission; possibly the presentation of a multilingual form is sufficient)
  • the marriage or civil partnership certificate of the deceased person's last marriage or civil partnership and proof of their dissolution,
  • the birth certificate of the deceased person,
  • proof of the deceased person's last residence
  • for naturalized persons, persons entitled to asylum, stateless persons, homeless foreigners and recognised foreign refugees: naturalisation certificate/ proof of special status

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You can apply for a subsequent certificate of a death on a foreign seagoing vessel to the competent German registry office.

  • Contact the relevant German registry office in writing, by telephone or in person, describe your concerns and ask for the documents to be submitted by you.
  • Submit the request for re-examination and attach the required documents.
  • The registry office checks your details and the evidence you provide and, if necessary, makes the post-moronofinformation of the death.
  • You have the option of applying for a German death certificate to the same registry office for a fee.

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