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If you want to adopt an adult, you and the person you can apply to the District Court - Family Court

The acceptance of an adult as a child (adoption) shall be pronounced by the Family Court at the request of the acceptor or the acceptor.

An adult may be accepted as a child if the assumption is morally justified. This is to be assumed in particular if a parent-child relationship has already arisen between the acceptor or the acceptor or the acceptor.

The full-year adoption is basically designed as an adoption with weak effects, i.e. the relationship of the person accepting to his biological family is not completely cut off. Under certain conditions, however, it can also be pronounced as a full-time adoption, which leads to almost complete integration into the family of the acceptor.

  • notarised application of the acceptor and the acceptor
  • In the case of stepchild adoption, a notarised declaration of consent by the spouse of the adopter
  • Notarised declaration of consent of the spouse of the spouse or acceptor



  • You may accept an adult as a child if the assumption is morally justified.
  • This is the case if a parent child relationship has already arisen.
  • This may be assumed, for example, if:
  • who has already lived in your family as an underage child, and
  • legal reasons have prevented adoption. Example: The biological parents refused to consent to adoption during the period of the minor age of the adopter.

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  • Section 186 et seq. Act on Proceedings in Family Matters and in Matters of Voluntary Jurisdiction (FamFG)
  • Section 1767 - 1772 Civil Code (BGB)

You must submit the required documents to the Family Court as notarised declarations.

  • You can also commission a notary or notary to submit the submission.
  • If you have children of your own, the court will consider whether their overriding interests are contrary to adoption.
  • This could be the case if the following claims were unreasonably diminished:
    • Maintenance claims
    • inheritance claims
  • Even if the presumption itself has children, the court examines whether their overriding interests preclude acceptance. That is why the children of both parties have a right to be heard.
  • If the conditions for an adult adoption are met, the court shall issue an order for the adult to be accepted.

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