Shipment of waste in Germany and Europe Approval

As a company, would you like to transport waste across national borders? Then the regulations of the EC Regulation on shipments of waste apply to you.

All waste for disposal and recovery which is to be shipped across national borders must in principle be notified and requires the consent of the authorities involved in the Country of dispatch and receipt.

This consent can be given below:

  • consent without conditions,
  • Approval with conditions
  • Objections raised.

Exceptions to the notification obligation can be obtained from the competent authority.

The information and documents to be submitted are listed in Annex II of EU Regulation 1013/2006.

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Consent shall be given if the notification has been duly executed, the documents submitted are complete and no objections are raised.


'shipment' means the transport of waste intended for recovery or disposal which takes place or is to take place:
(a) between two States, or
(b) between a State and overseas countries and territories or other territories under the protection of that State; or
(c) between a State and a land territory which does not belong to any State under international law; or
(d) between a State and Antarctica; or
(e) from a State through one of the above-mentioned territories; or
(f) within a State, through one of the above territories and which begins and ends in the same State, or
(g) from a geographical area which is not subject to the jurisdiction of a State to a State.

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Upon receipt of all the necessary documents, the place of dispatch authority shall verify that the notification has been properly executed, send the documents to the authority of destination and to all the transit country authorities concerned within three working days in the event of a positive assessment and inform the notifier thereof. However, the place of dispatch authority may refuse to forward the documents if it requests documents within the period of three working days or raises an objection to the notification.

No later than three working days after receipt of the documents, including those previously requested, the competent authority at the place of destination shall send a so-called acknowledgement of receipt. Even if the notification is properly executed, the place of dispatch authority may request further documents necessary for the assessment of consent. However, it is obliged to forward the notification. In this case, the authority of destination may not send an acknowledgement of receipt until it receives a message from the place of dispatch authority that these requested documents have also been received. No later than 30 days after the acknowledgement of receipt has been sent, all the authorities involved shall give their decision on the planned notification. This is done by:

  • consent without conditions, or
  • Consent with conditions or
  • Objections raised.

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