Medical rehabilitation services in accordance with SGB IX Authorisation to avoid need for care and restrictions on earning capacity Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

After the occurrence of an insured event (work accident, road accident, occupational disease), the statutory accident insurance covers the costs of the necessary medical rehabilitation.

In the event of an insurance, you will receive medical benefits, among other things, if the preservation of your earning capacity cannot be achieved otherwise or if a need for care cannot be avoided otherwise.
Accident insurance institutions shall, after the occurrence of an insured event, have the task of restoring performance by all appropriate means.

The treatment can be provided on an outpatient or inpatient basis.

You will receive all the services that are necessary for the care. These include e.B.

- Medical treatments

- Nursing

- Supply of medicines, dressings, healing aids and aids

- Treatment in hospitals and rehabilitation facilities

Damage to health requiring special accidental medical treatment is treated in special facilities.

All these services are coordinated with the treating physicians, physiotherapists and you within the framework of a rehabilitation management and are accompanied by the rehabilitation manager of the responsible accident insurance institution.

Please contact your accident insurance institution.


The treatment objective (maintaining employability or avoiding a need for care) cannot be achieved without medical rehabilitation.

Section 26, 27 ff Seventh Book of the Social Code (SGB VII)

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An insured event which results in an incapacity for work of more than three calendar days must be reported by the company to the competent trade association or accident fund.

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