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If you want to operate a car rental business, then you need a permit from the lower traffic authority responsible for you

For the commercial transport of persons with a rental car, you need a permit. A corresponding application must be submitted to the lower traffic authority of the respective district-free city or district responsible for you.

- Formal application (surname, first name of the applicant; Residence and place of business; in the case of natural persons, date of birth; Number, vehicle type, capacity of vehicles used)

- Service certificates or examination certificates (for professional aptitude) of the applicant or the person appointed to conduct the business

- Capital certificate / supplementary certificate (form according to § 2 Abs. 2 Nr. 2/ § 2 Abs.3 der Berufszugangsverordnung für den Straßenpersonenverkehr -PBZugV), not older than 3 months

- Clearance certificate from the tax office, the municipality, the social security institutions and the employers' liability insurance association not older than 3 months (by the entrepreneur, the legal representative and the person / traffic manager appointed to manage the business)

- Certificate of good conduct for submission to the authority according to § 30 Abs.5 BZRG

- Excerpt from the Central Trade Register according to § 150 Abs. 5 GewO (for companies)

- Excerpt from the Driving Aptitude Register (FAER)


General documents:

- Vehicle list, if necessary rental vehicles with rental contract or leasing list

- Proof of liability insurance for rental cars including risk code (WKZ)

- Business registration

a formal application for authorisation to drive a car can be obtained from the relevant competent lower transport authority


If the approval requirements according to § 13 paragraph 1 Passenger Transport Act (PBefG) are fulfilled by the applicant, a rental car permit can be obtained. § 49 PBefG.

The permit may only be granted if the approval requirements are met, i.e.

  • the safety and performance of the operation is guaranteed
  • there are no facts for the unreliability of the applicant as an entrepreneur or of the person appointed to conduct the business
  • the applicant is professionally qualified as an entrepreneur or the person appointed to conduct the business
  • the applicant and the contractors commissioned by him to carry out transport services have their registered office or establishment within the meaning of commercial law in Germany.

In the case of legal persons under public law, the approval requirements according to § 13 (1) are deemed to have been granted.

§ 49 Passenger Transport Act (PBefG)

§ 2 Passenger Transport Act (PBefG)

Ordinance on the Operation of Motor Vehicle Companies (BOKraft)

Ordinance on Access to the Occupation of Road Passenger Transport Operator (PBZugV)

Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV)

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Application with presentation of the necessary documents

Application processing by the competent lower transport authority

Issuance or re-issuance of a rental car permit

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