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You want to transport people in a taxi for commercial use? Then you need a permit.

For the commercial transport of people by taxi, you need a permit. A corresponding application must be submitted to the lower transport authority of the respective district-free city or district, which is responsible for you. It is checked whether you, as the applicant, meet the required licensing requirements.

- formal application:

Name, first name of the applicant; Residential and company headquarters; in the case of natural persons birthday, place of birth; Number, vehicle type, capacity of vehicles to be used

- Certificates of service or certificates of examination (for professional competence) of the applicant or the person appointed to conduct business

- Certificate of equity/supplementary certificate (form in accordance with Section 2 (2) No. 2/ Section 2 (3) of the Professional Access Ordinance for road passenger transport PBZugV), not older than 12 months

- Certificate of safety issued by the tax office, the municipality, the social security institutions and the professional association not older than 3 months

From the entrepreneur, the legal representative and the person/traffic manager appointed to run the business

- Certificate of leadership for submission to the authority in accordance with Section 30 (5) of the BZRG

- Extract from the Central Trade Register in accordance with Section 150 (5) GewO (for companies)

- Extract from the driving suitability register (FAER)

General documents

- Vehicle list, rental vehicles with rental contract or leasing list if necessary

- Proof of liability insurance for taxis (incl. risk code WKZ))

- Trade registration

- in the case of partnerships, the list of shareholders, the partnership agreement or any other proof of the right to a contract

- certified commercial register extract


If the approval requirements in accordance with Section 13 paragraph 1 passenger transport law (PBefG) are met by the applicant, a taxi permit can be issued in accordance with Section 47 of the PBefG.

Section 13 (1) PBefG

Approval may only be granted if the permit conditions are met, i.e.

  • the safety and efficiency of the operation is guaranteed
  • there are no facts of the unreliability of the applicant as an entrepreneur or of the person appointed to conduct the business
  • the applicant is technically suitable as an entrepreneur or the person appointed to conduct the business
  • the applicant and the undertakings responsible for carrying out transport services have their registered office or establishment within the meaning of commercial law in the country.

Section 13 (5) PBefG

New entrants and existing entrepreneurs must be adequately taken into account. Within the two groups, the consideration shall be taken according to the chronological order of the application.

Irrespective of the application, subordinate treatment is given to:

  • who does not intend to operate the taxi industry as the main occupation
  • has not operated as a main occupation or has sold or leased all or part of its taxi company within the last eight years
  • has not properly complied with its operational obligation

An applicant may only be granted one permit at a time, provided that more authorisations cannot be granted than the applicant exists.

New entrants will receive their approval for 2 years. During this period, the rights and obligations arising from the authorisation may not be transferred.

In the case of legal entities governed by public law, the authorisation requirements in accordance with Section 13 (1) shall be deemed to have been granted.

Passenger Transport Act (PBefG) Section 2; Regulation on the operation of motor vehicle companies (BoKraft); Regulation on access to the occupation of road passenger transport operator (PBZugV); Vehicle Registration Ordinance

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Submission of the necessary documents

Application processing by the competent lower transport authority, including the necessary listening procedures

Issuing or re-issuing a taxi licence, including the issue of the authorisation certificates.

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