Care aids Authorization

You are entitled to care aids if you live at home, in a supervised residential complex or in a shared flat and are cared for by family, acquaintances, friends or even by a nursing service. This only applies if the aids are not to be provided by the health insurance or other competent service providers due to illness or disability. Care aids are intended to alleviate the complaints of the person in need of care, to enable him to live more independently and to facilitate care for the carer. The nursing care fund, with the participation of a nurse or the medical service, checks whether the requested care aids are necessary. There are two types of care aids: for consumption, care aids such as bed protection inserts, hygiene articles, disposable gloves. A monthly amount of up to 40 euros is available for this purpose. technical care aids such as nursing beds, home emergency call systems. These are usually left on loan. As a rule, adults in need of care have to pay something for this. In addition, you can apply for financial grants for measures to improve the individual living environment. This includes, for example, technical assistance in the household or stair lifts, if this makes home care considerably easier in individual cases.

Check with your nursing home which documents are required and whether there is a special application form.

The care takes place in the home environment and is carried out by a private carer. Care level 1 to 5 is available
The benefit must be requested in writing from the nursing care fund.