Statutory health insurance benefits for people with disabilities in full-time facilities and special forms of housing

As a person with a disability (care grades 2 to 5) live in a fully stationary facility where participation in working life, to education social participation, school education or educating people with disabilities in the foreground? Then the care fund pays 15 percent of the costs. In individual cases, the expenses of the nursing care fund may not exceed 266 euros per calendar month. This also applies to special forms of housing (several persons with disabilities together in a dormitory/group). In doing so, it is essential to focus on shared living and integration into society, the Housing and Care Act applies, the level of care is largely the same as the care in a fully stationary facility. If you claim a pro-rata care allowance for the days on which you are cared for and cared for at home, the days of arrival and departure are considered to be full days of home care.

Check with your nursing home which documents are required and whether there is a special application form.

Patients are housed in a fully inpatient facility for people with disabilities Or live in a special residential for a applies only to patients with care grades 2 to 5
The benefit must be requested in writing from the nursing care fund