War victims' care granted to survivors Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you are granted care as a survivor under the Federal Pension Act or in the corresponding application of this Act, you can receive care benefits as a supplement in individual cases.

Survivors who receive (or are likely to be granted) care under the Federal Supply Act or in accordance with this Act .B under the Soldiers' Care Act, the Civil Service Act, the Prisoner Assistance Act, the Infection Protection Act or the Law on Compensation for Victims of Violence or the Criminal Rehabilitation Act may also receive assistance under the Provision of War Victims' Assistance.

The condition is that, because of the loss of the spouse, parent, child or grandchild, the survivors are not in a position to meet the needs to be recognised from the other benefits in accordance with the aforementioned laws and other income and assets. Whether and to what extent income is to be credited depends on different and individual income limits. However, the use of income and assets may be waived in certain cases.

In addition to personal assistance, benefits in kind, one-off and ongoing aid and loans are eligible. Debts are usually not covered. The main welfare centres and welfare centres are responsible for the care of war victims.

The care of victims of war is part of the social compensation law. It is so called in relation to the largest group of beneficiaries, but covers all social compensation benefits. It is regulated in Clauses 25 to 27j of the Federal Supply Act and serves to supplement the other benefits of the Federal Supply Act with special assistance in individual cases.

Therefore, a prerequisite for the granting of benefits is the recognition of a claim to care by the provider of the provision of war victims.

Benefits include benefits for participation in working life, health assistance, care assistance, help to maintain the household, assistance for the elderly, educational allowance, supplementary support for living expenses, recovery assistance, housing assistance and assistance in special circumstances

  • Request (informal possible)
  • Certificate of recognition as a damaged or severely damaged
  • Copy of the notification of the damage recognised by the supply authority
  • Evidence of the applicant's income
  • Evidence of ongoing commitments
  • Evidence of assets
  • informal application is possible
  • Forms can be requested from the competent authority in accordance with the respective national law or are already stored on the homepage.


The following conditions must be met in order to receive social compensation benefits:

  • Recognition of a pension entitlement by the pension administration
  • Neediness (economic causality)
  • Previous request

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  • Section 25 paragraph 1 of the Federal Supply Act (BVG)
  • Benefits of the care of war victims are generally provided on request.
  • The main welfare centres and welfare centres are responsible for the care of war victims.

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