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If you receive BAföG, you must disclose certain changes to your person to the BVA.

You apply for and obtain the support for training (BAföG) from the Office for The Promotion of Education. However, the Federal Administration Office (BVA) is responsible for the repayment of the BAföG loan share after graduation.

The Training Promotion Offices only transmit your data to the BVA once. An electronic file will be created there and your loan account will be set up.

You must notify the BVA of any changes to your name or address. This can be done in writing or digitally via BAföG-Online via "Change Notice".

If you fail to do so, you will have to pay a lump sum for the cost of the address calculation in the amount of 25 euros.

Communication (also informally possible)

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  • You have received BAföG,
  • Or refer to BAföG
  • Changes result in the following personal circumstances:
  • Name
  • Address

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Name changes or your new address can be easily and easily transmitted via the online portal. You have the option to either register with your e-mail address and then register via e-mail and password or to log in via your id card with activated online identification function (eiD).
When registering with an e-mail, a change form is available to you, if you register with eID, you can update the data currently stored in the BVA yourself.

You can send any applications and other communications online and upload documents during the entire repayment process at both registration options.
Registration with your identity card offers you additional services such as daily account and file inspection. The full range of benefits for registration with identity card and eID can be found on the BVA's homepage.

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