Home care in case of prevention of the caregiver taking over the costs

If you are caring for a relative and are temporarily out of care due to leave, illness or other reasons, you can apply for replacement care. These preventive care benefits are available to patients in grades 2 to 5 who are cared for at home. Preventive care is not provided if the person in need of care has been cared for exclusively through a nursing service before the representation case has occurred. Preventive care can be provided by an outpatient care service, or a trusted person (relatives, friends, neighbors). Accommodation in an inpatient care facility is also possible. If preventive care is provided by persons who are not related or sister-in-law to the person in need of care up to the second degree and do not live with him in a domestic community, the care fund shall bear the costs up to EUR 1,612 per calendar year. If close relatives who do not live with in the household take over the replacement care, the amount that the care fund takes over may not exceed 1.5 times the actual care allowance. If necessary expenses of the replacement carer (e.g. travel expenses or loss of earnings) are added (proof necessary), the benefit can be increased to a total of 1,612 euros. In addition to preventive care, up to 50 percent of the amount actually intended for short-term care (up to 806 euros in the calendar year) can be used for preventive care. This means that up to 2,418 euros are available for preventive care in the calendar year. Patients with care levels 2 to 5 can apply for preventive care for 6 weeks per calendar year.

At least care level 2 must be present. Patients must have been cared for at home by a private carer (relatives, friends) at least 6 months before