Approval to hold the professional title "Engineer" or "Engineer" Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The professional title "engineer" or "engineer" is protected by the Lower Saxony Engineering Act (NIngG). The same applies to word connections and similar designations (see also Section 1 NIngG). In order to protect consumers, it is intended to ensure that only sufficiently qualified persons practise the profession under the professional title 'engineer'. Such protection of the professional title makes it necessary for the existing professional qualification to be checked for compliance with the requirements applicable under the NIngG.

If you do not have a domestic engineering/study degree that meets the requirements (see also Section 6 No. 1 NIngG), you need a permit from the Lower Saxony Chamber of Engineers (see also Section 6 No. 5 in Verb.m. Sections 7 to 9 (NIngG), if you have a domicile or an establishment in Lower Saxony, or exercise your profession in whole or in part, but not only temporarily and occasionally, in Lower Saxony, this does not apply if you have already obtained a permit from a competent authority of another federal state.

  • Copy Proof of Identity ( Passport )
  • officially certified copies of the original foreign degree and the foreign subjects / sheet of notes
  • Translations of the degree and the list of subjects into the German language, which must be confirmed by a translator appointed and sworn in by the public
  • Curriculum vitae, which includes, in particular, relevant professional experience and relevant other qualifications
  • Explanation/Proof Reliability
  • Certificate non-prohibition/no criminal record

Note: A list of foreign universities recognised in the Federal Republic of Germany can be found on the Internet ( For questions on the equivalence of foreign degrees, you can also contact the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB: It is responsible for the evaluation of foreign qualifications in Germany. (Postal address: Secretariat of the Permanent Conference of Ministers of Culture of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany, Taubenstraße 10, 10117 Berlin).

The granting of the licence to hold the professional title presupposes that the applicant has a domicile or professional establishment in Lower Saxony or practises the profession in Lower Saxony in whole or in part, but not only temporarily and occasionally (Section 6 NIngG).

Please have all the necessary documents ready for the electronic application. Without the complete documentation, you will not be able to complete the electronic application process or submit your application.

Applications can be submitted at any time in writing or online to the Lower Saxony Chamber of Engineers.

  • Forms to download: Approval
    Link to page IngKN

  • Online procedure
    Link to the online application
  • Personal appearance may be necessary, e.B. if compensatory action becomes necessary

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  • No significant differences between the professional qualification obtained by a foreign engineer/degree or a professional qualification in other European countries and a domestic qualification which entitles you to hold the professional title "engineer" or "engineer" (minimum three years of regular study, study at least 70% shaped by mathematics, computer science, science, technology (STEM)).
  • An exception applies to the agricultural and industrial engineering sectors to the extent that only a STEM share of at least 51% has to be achieved.
  • Persons with qualifications from EU, EEA or equivalent countries may, under certain conditions, be able to compensate for significant differences in qualifications by completing an adaptation course and/or an aptitude test.

Further details can be found in Sections 7 and 8 of the NIngG (see legal basis)

Insert a direct link to the article on the website of the Chamber of Engineers, on which the statutes for regulating details of the implementation of compensatory measures in accordance with Section 8 paragraph 3 of the Lower Saxony Engineering Act (NIngG) are published.

  • For more information

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  • Section 6 No. 5 in Verb. m. Sections 7 to 9 NIngG
  • The NIngG and the Articles of Association for the regulation of details for the implementation of compensatory measures in accordance with Section 8 paragraph 3 of the NIngG can be found here:

An application for Permission to use the professional title "engineer" or "engineer" must be provided in writing or online using the form available. The evidence referred to in 'required documents' shall be attached to the application.

The further procedure is essentially regulated in Section 9 of the NIngG.

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