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For the creation of social rented housing through construction, acquisition, modernization or acquisition of occupancy rights, you can receive housing subsidies if the conditions are met. The responsibility for social housing promotion lies with the respective federal state.

As part of the social housing promotion, your federal state can provide you with subsidies for the creation of rental housing. You do not have a legal right to support your project.

Funding is provided for:

  • housing, including the first-time acquisition of new housing,
  • the modernisation of housing,
  • the acquisition of occupancy rights,
  • the acquisition of existing housing,

where rental price and occupancy obligations are to be established for the rental accommodation.

Beneficiaries may be natural and legal persons.

The grant is provided in accordance with the provisions of the Land concerned by the granting of non-repayable grants and/or low-interest loans.

The subsidized rental housing is bound for a certain period in favour of households entitled to live (occupancy obligation).

During the commitment period, maximum rents below the local comparative rent or other measures may be determined to relieve housing costs for the households entitled to live (rental).

General rental housing promotion:

  • The creation of occupancy and rent-linked rental housing is supported, in multi-family houses through new construction as well as the modification and extension of buildings. This includes the promotion of rental housing and shared accommodation for the elderly and people with disabilities.

Modernisation of rental housing:

  • Support will be given to the modernisation of rented housing in multi-family houses, including energy-efficient modernisation of rental apartments completed before 01.02.2002.

Support for rental housing in the East Frisian Islands:

  • The creation of occupancy- and rent-linked rental housing in multi-family houses will be supported by new buildings in the areas of the cities of Borkum and Norderney, the island community of Juist, the North Sea resort of Wangerooge and the municipalities of Baltrum, Langeoog and Spiekeroog.

Acquisition of occupancy and rental bonds:

  • Support is given to the acquisition of occupancy and rental bonds for rented accommodation in local authorities, which are considered to be areas with tense housing markets under the Lower Saxony Tenant Protection Ordinance or to supply households with particular difficulties in the supply of housing.

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Prerequisites for general housing promotion, modernisation of rented housing and support for rental housing in the East Frisian Islands:

  • contractual obligation of the landlord to award the apartments to the tenants for a period of 30 years, usually 30 years, if a repayment discount is granted,
  • the initial rental amount determined by the country must not be exceeded
  • Housing with occupancy obligations of a certain type may only be rented to the elderly (aged 60 and over), persons with disabilities (at least 50% severely disabled) or persons in need of assistance and care (level 1 and above care allowance)
  • the subsidy requires a contribution of at least 25% of the total costs. In justified cases, the granting authority may authorise a reduction in its own performance of not less than 15% of its own performance
  • the economic risk for the creation and operation of the property lies with the investor
  • the support is provided with initially interest-free loans
  • after the end of the 20th year, a repayment discount of 30% of the loan origin may be granted after the subscription ability, if rented accommodation is created for people on low incomes.
  • in the case of the new building for the general rental housing, the proof of demand is provided by a housing supply concept of the housing support centre responsible for the building site

Conditions for the acquisition of occupancy and rental obligations:

  • the rental apartments offered have not been supported by housing subsidies or other public funds and are not subject to any other occupancy
  • they must be free for rent and intended for permanent residential use
  • the initial rental amount determined by the country must not be exceeded
  • the landlord can choose between a five-year or ten-year occupancy and lease and receives the corresponding grant after the intended initial occupancy in a sum paid out

The funding conditions in detail are derived from the Internet offer of the Investment and Promotion Bank of Lower Saxony (NBank ) .

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  • You apply for a loan for the creation of rental housing or for modernisation measures at the housing support authority responsible for your construction site (Region Hannover, districts, district-free and large independent cities as well as independent municipalities)
  • You apply for a grant for the granting of occupancy and rental obligations to the housing support authority responsible for your construction site (region Hannover, districts, district-free and large independent cities as well as independent municipalities)
  • There you will receive all application forms and further information
  • The procedure procedure from the application to the funding decision is governed by the points 45 to 47 Housing Promotion Provision (WFB)

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