Exemption from compulsory insurance in the case of marginal employment Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone who has a minor job and earns less than 450 euros is not subject to health insurance.

If you are in a marginally paid job (450-euro job/mini-job), you are exempt from insurance in this employment. You will then not have to pay any contributions for them.

You must regulate your health insurance elsewhere.

For example:

  • family insurance through the spouse or parents
  • Mini-job as a part-time job: the health insurance runs through the main occupation
  • Mini-job for unemployment benefit II recipients: the Employment Agency may take over the health insurance


The exemption from compulsory health insurance exists only as long as the reason for the exemption lasts.

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  • Your employer will register you after clarification of the insurance law facts.
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