Support in working life for legally insured persons insured against accidents

If you return to work after an accident at work or an occupational disease, the accident insurance institutions provide benefits for participation in working life. These services include: Promoting the disabled fair reorganisation of the workplace for re-entry Support / assistance in employment Further qualification measures - operational and over-operational Employers' subsidies Employment in workshops for the disabled or similar designated establishments Enable further schooling and training, e.B. after school accidents Compensation payments if desired qualifications are no longer possible. Accident insurance institutions are: Professional trade associations, broken down by sector Public accident insurance carrier (municipal accident insurance institution, national accident insurance fund, fire brigade accident insurance fund) Agricultural trade associations

Benefits are only possible if they compensate for the professional consequences of the insured event d the scope of the benefits is at the discretion of the accident insurance institution
Occupational assistants or rehabilitation managers of the accident insurance institution advise the insured after the accident The accident insurance institution holds discussions with companies, employment offices and other bodies.

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