Remedies for legally insured grants

In the event of an insurance, you will receive remedies if necessary. Remedies are all medically prescribed services, which serve a healing purpose and are provided by therapists. For example: Physical therapy Podological therapy Voice, speech and speech therapy Occupational therapy In principle, additional payments are not to be made in the statutory accident insurance. However, fixed amounts apply. If something more expensive is prescribed or ordered, you must be informed by the doctor/doctor that you will be paying the additional costs. If the objective of the medical treatment cannot be achieved with a "fixed amount" (medical justification required), the competent accident insurance institution assumes the actual costs. Accident insurance institutions are: Professional trade associations, broken down by sector Public accident insurance institutions (municipal accident insurance associations, national accident insurance funds, fire brigade accident insurance funds) Agricultural trade associations

Prescription of therapy by a medical examiner
An accident at work which results in an incapacity for work of more than three calendar days must be reported by the company to the competent trade association or accident fund. The prescription is carried out by a medical doctor who is particularly qualified for the treatment of injured persons.

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