Housing assistance for legally insured grants Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you have suffered damage to health as a result of an accident at work or occupational illness that requires housing for disabled persons in the long term, the statutory accident insurance provides housing assistance. Housing assistance is granted for a disabled-friendly conversion of the existing living space or the move to a housing for the disabled. Accident insurance institutions are: Professional trade associations, broken down by sector Public accident insurance institutions (municipal accident insurance associations, accident insurance funds, fire brigade accident insurance funds) Agricultural trade associations

In the living room, the activities of daily life are not possible or only under unreasonable conditions The living room cannot be used with all the rooms required for you or only under unreasonable difficulties The current or future workplace can only be reached from the current housing with public transport or your own car under unreasonable difficulties.
You must call in your competent accident insurance institution before the planned conversion measures begin. An accident at work which results in an incapacity for work of more than three calendar days must be reported by the company to the competent trade association or accident fund.

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