Organisation or conduct of prostitution events Advertisement Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Anyone wishing to organise or organise a prostitution event must notify the competent authority at the venue of the event.

  • full name of the operator
  • copy of the permission to organise or conduct prostitution events,
  • if persons are to be used as a substitute for the operator
    • First and last names and
    • Copy of the delegate permit
  • the operating concept underlying the permit,
  • the event concept related to the respective event,
  • Place and time of the event,
  • the full name of the owner of the buildings, rooms or other fixed or mobile installations used for the event and his consent,
  • the documentation necessary to prove the minimum requirements on the nature of the installation used in the prostitution industry;
  • copies of the registration certificates or alias certificates of the prostitutes expected to take part in the event, and
  • Copies of agreements concluded with prostitutes


The prostitution event must be conducted on site by the operator or by the persons designated as representatives in the advertisement.

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