Register prostitution activity for the first time

Anyone who pursues prostitution in Germany is obliged to register with the authorities.

Since the entry into force of the Prostitute Protection Act on 1 July 2017, binding regulations for the practice of prostitution have applied nationwide. Anyone who pursues prostitution in Germany is obliged to register with the authorities and to seek health advice in advance.

The obligation to register and provide advice applies without exception to all people who provide sexual services for remuneration. Health advice and registration must be provided in person.

A certificate will be issued for the registration. This is valid nationwide.

Persons between the ages of 18 and 21 must have their registration certificate renewed after one year. For persons older than 21 years, the following applies: The registration must be renewed after two years.


  • Certificate of health advice (not older than 3 months)
  • Identity card, passport, passport or ID substitute
  • If you have a foreign nationality and are not entitled to freedom of movement, you must prove that you have permission to pursue employment or self-employment in Germany
  • 2 passport photos


Both certificates - registration certificate and certificate of health advice - must always be carried with you when practicing prostitution. Anyone who cannot present any or only invalid certificates during inspections must expect fines.

  • Further information for prostitutes

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  • In Lower Saxony, free health advice is provided by the lower health authorities or health authorities. A consultation appointment should be arranged here.
  • For the subsequent registration of the activity with the regulatory authority of the district or district-free city, an appointment should also be arranged.

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  • The responsible health authority or the responsible regulatory authority for the registration can be found here

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