Health advice for prostitutes Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Persons wishing to work as prostitutes or prostitutes must seek health advice before registering the activity for the first time. The health advice is provided by the competent authority at the place of registration for the performance of the health consultation.

The health advice is tailored to the personal life situation of the counsellor and should include in particular questions of disease prevention, conception regulation, pregnancy and the risks of alcohol and drug use.

  • Identity card or passport


  • Age of majority of the person advised


The person adviser shall be made aware of the confidentiality of the advice and shall be given the opportunity to disclose any predicament or distress. Third parties may be called in to the interview only for the purpose of language contact, with the consent of the authority and the person subject to notification.

The prostitute or prostitutes must carry the certificate of health advice in the course of the activity.

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The competent authority shall issue the person providing the adviser with a certificate of health advice. The certificate must state:

  1. the first and last name of the person advised,
  2. the date of birth of the person advised,
  3. the issuing body and
  4. the date of health advice.

The certificate can also be issued on the alias used in a valid alias certificate at the request of the person advised.

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