Apply for a civil partnership certificate for a civil partnership concluded abroad

Have you entered into a civil partnership abroad? Then you can still apply for a civil partnership certificate at a German registry office. You must have your civil partnership recertify once.

Upon request, the registry office will issue you with documents and certified printouts from the civil partnership register. If your civil partnership was concluded abroad, this civil status must have been re-certified once by the registry office in Germany.

For a civil partnership certificate, you, your life partner and your direct descendants can submit an application to the registry office. Under certain conditions and on request, other persons will also receive your civil partnership certificate.

The civil partnership certificate proves the establishment of a civil partnership and contains the following information:

  • Place and date of establishment of the partnership
  • First and last names at the time of justification
  • Place and day of birth of both persons
  • Gender of life partners
  • Information on religious affiliation

What happens if your personal status data or that of the other person changes, for example due to a name change or a dissolution of the civil partnership?

Then the responsible registry office supplements the civil partnership entry with a follow-up notarization. Upon request, it will then issue you with a new civil partnership certificate.

as a life partner:

  • Proof of identity:
    • Identity card
    • Passport or
    • appropriate identification document.

as a direct ancestor or descendant:

  • Proof of identity:
    • Identity card
    • Passport or
    • appropriate identification document.
  • Proof of eligibility to apply

as another person:

  • Proof of identity
    • Identity card
    • Passport or
    • appropriate identification document.
  • Proof of legal interest or legitimate interest

Online procedure possible:
Written form required:
Personal appearance required:


  • The civil partnership concluded abroad must have been re-certified in Germany and recorded in the civil status register.
  • Only you as a life partner can submit the application yourself.
  • A direct ancestor or descendant can only submit the application if both partners have already died.

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If you are entitled to apply for a civil partnership certificate or a certified printout from the register, you can submit the application in writing and electronically to the registry office that has subsequently certified the civil partnership:

The registry office will check the application and eligibility and then issue you with the certificate or certified printout from the register.

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