Registration of a motor vehicle with a foreign registration number

Registration of a vehicle that has already been registered abroad is possible on request. Approval shall be granted by the competent licensing authority.

If you buy a new or used vehicle abroad or move to Germany with a vehicle registered for you abroad, you must apply for registration for this vehicle.

The registration of a vehicle that was previously registered abroad is more complex compared to the new registration or rewriting, as more documents are required.

  • Current identity card or passport
  • SEPA direct debit mandate for the collection of motor vehicle tax
  • electronic insurance confirmation (eVB)
  • if the vehicle is still registered abroad
    the foreign registration documents and license plates
  • if the vehicle was registered abroad but was deregistered before importation in Germany
    the foreign registration documents
  • if applicable: Reservation confirmation for the desired license plate
  • Proof of ownership: purchase contract or original invoice
  • if necessary. VAT return
    Vehicles whose first registration in another EU member state was not more than 6 months ago or whose previous mileage is less than 6,000 km are considered new vehicles in accordance with § 1b UStG.
  • Proof of examination according to § 29 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (usually main and exhaust gas inspection) - (e.B. from the foreign registration documents) -
  • if the vehicle was imported from countries outside the EU (applies to both new and used vehicles) additionally:
    • Clearance certificate from the customs office (available at the border)
    • for vehicles with EC type approval: Proof of examination according to § 29 of the Road Traffic Approval Regulations (usually main and exhaust gas inspection)
    • for vehicles without EC type-approval: Expert opinion of an officially recognised expert for motor vehicle traffic or a technical service designated in accordance with § 30 of the EC Vehicle Approval Ordinance for the testing of complete vehicles of the respective vehicle category (full report in accordance with § 21 of the Road Traffic Approval Regulations)

For further information, please contact your local licensing authority.

If necessary, further documents, e.B.:

  • in the case of representation by a third party: your written power of attorney and your identity document (in the original); the authorised representative must be able to identify himself with his valid identity card/passport.
  • in the case of admission to minors: the written declaration of consent of the legal guardians and their identity cards (in the original); if applicable, a certificate of sole custody (so-called "negative certificate") for single referred to


If there are vehicle tax arrears or if you have arrears of fees and expenses from previous registration processes, the registration authority refuses registration until you have paid them.

If someone registers your vehicle for you, the authorised representative must provide a written power of attorney from you. This must also include a declaration of consent that the licensing authority may inform the authorised representative of any arrears of fees and expenses.

Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO)

Act on the Payment of Arrears of Costs and Late Fees for Motor Vehicle Registration

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Contact the local licensing authority of your district or city.

Locally responsible is usually

in the case of natural persons, the authority of the place of residence of the vehicle owner (main residence according to the identity card),
in the case of legal persons, traders and self-employed persons with a fixed place of business or authorities, the authority of the registered office or place of the establishment or department involved.

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