Life partnership certificate exhibition Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

On request, a civil partnership certificate may be issued on the basis of the fact that a civil partnership is based. The exhibition can be requested orally, in writing or by fax.

Access to the civil partnership register, the provision of information and the issuance of civil status certificates from that register may only require before the expiry of the continuation periods:

  • authorities and courts within the limits of their jurisdiction and specifying the purpose of
  • universities and other institutions carrying out scientific research in the context of pre-approved research projects;
  • persons to which the application relates and their spouses, civil partners, ancestors and descendants,
  • other persons if they demonstrate a legal interest.
  • Identity card or passport
  • in the case of other persons in addition: proof of their legal interest in the issuance of the civil partnership certificate


  • Applicant is the person to which the entry in the living register refers
  • Their partners, ancestors and descendants are also eligible to apply.

§ 55 Personenstandsgesetz (PStG)

§ 58 Personenstandsgesetz (PStG)

§ 62 Personenstandsgesetz (PStG)

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