Application for the issuance of a German death certificate in the event of a death abroad

You can apply to the competent German registry office for the issuance of a German death certificate for a death that has occurred abroad.

As the applicant, you must prove your identity (identity card, passport or copy of the identity document) where appropriate, further documents are required.

the prior re-registration of the death in abroad in a German death register. you can apply for a death certificate: Spouse and civil partner of the deceased person Ancestors and descendants of the deceased person (e.B. child, grandchild) deceased person's siblings, if you have a legitimate interest, or other persons if they have a legal interest Applicants must be over 16 years of age.
They shall submit the application for the date of issue of the death certificate to the competent registry office and attach the necessary documents. The registry office checks your details as well as the documents submitted by you and, if necessary, issues the death certificate. The registry office will send you the death certificate by post, unless a personal collection has been agreed. Fees will be paid either in advance or after delivery/ upon collection from you.